Revisiting the Past

* Although the mind ( head ) is set in the forward direction of the future , the heart ( maum ) is often set in the past . Hence , from time to time , moment to moment , a revisiting of the past is necessary . Just as a sip from a glass of water is refreshing , then so is a nostalgiac visit to the past . One instance may be reviewing a photo album that is full of precious memories . Another instance is that of making a visit to an art museum , often pausing at each exhibit display to think of its meaning , perhaps there is a more fitting interpretation , one often wonders . Still yet , there is another instance , that of travelling back through memory lane , maybe to one`s hometown of one`s adolescence , a time of growing up , when things were fresh , care - free , a morning calm , when one walks , taking in the fresh air , a refreshing routine of breathing in , seeing the scenery of nature , on a bright , sunny day , mild wind , having that long walk in the oceanic garden park reminiscing of the good ole days ... is revisiting the past ... Gamsahamnida ... ((( polite Bow ))) ...

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