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When one browses the modern , contemporary Department Store , an exclusive Executive Beauty aisle is hard to find , if not non - existent . Hence , for the busy working professional , a quick perusal of the traditional cosmetics section may require much more time and expertise than the casual shopper it seems . Let us say that one has no previous knowledge of cosmetics , yet one does possess a natural Beauty , that is one was born with it . Then , let us make one more assumption that as a working professional , not having much space time in most instances , Beautifying oneself was not a high priority on one`s list of things to do each day . Then , in this respect , one`s lack of knowledge in this field of Beauty expertise is understandable , of course . Unless , of course , if one had the benefits of a a good friend or the doting maternal affection of having been taught the techniques of cosmetics , then one is indeed lucky . Without such knowledge and skills , then most ordinary people must rely on those special talents of the salon , from hair to feet , many make appointments , and may spend a fortune just to keep up to date with the latest chic trends , what`s hot now . Cosmetics , glamour , Beauty , all that is necessary to be Beautiful is what women desire . Maybe back in the good ole days when people had much time on their hands , they could afford the luxury of spending an entire day to keeping up with their appearances by attending to extensive Beautification treatments . But nowadays , when even a day off work may result in one`s permanent vacation , a quick Beauty solution is often preferable to the long Beauty appointments of the good ole days of the personal stylist . With all this in mind then , perhaps there is a new necessity of an Executive Beauty line . Hence this brings us to the threshold of the Luxe Baek Wha Jum , Luxe Department Store model . The addition of an Executive Beauty seems necessary in this modern time and age ...

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