Elysium Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 1

Sea Gaia , a Beautiful immortal goddess , is in a frozen - like state . She embraces both worlds , that of the immortal Heavens from where her maternal influences came , & this mortal Earth , her paternal influences of the Sea , when the Sea & Gaia , Mother Nature meet , they made Sea Gaia . However , it was said that when Sea Gaia grew , her passions were with this mortal Elysium Paradise , embracing this world of mortal man . Hence her sad , somber happiness remains frozen in marble forever , until her true Love comes to her , freeing her from her frozen - like existence , she may await forever , however , she is hopeful that he may come soon so that she may return to this Elysium Paradise , to materialize as a mortal immortal Sea Gaia of the Elysium Paradise ...

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