Ancient Utopia Cheju Do Island

* The ancient utopia Cheju So Island is the origin of the ancient Elysium Paradise World Game , chosen because of its idyllic mild tropical weather and climate , mountain , ocean , lush flora and fauna of an ideal paradise . As long as the early peoples of the Cheju Do Island Elysium Paradise , they were always there , as far back as they remember , generations after generations , after millennia upon millennia , Kingdom after Kingdom , Dynasty after Dynasty , there came the ancient utopia Cheju Do Island Kingdom , with first benevolent King of written history in the Chronicles of the Elysium Paradise World Cheju Do Island Kingdom Sagi , the action of the game commences , rather than make explanation , it would be best to commence active game play mode with step by step advances , Dae Wang , First Emperor of Cheju Do Island has much on his mind , much to do ...

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