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Faith Fellowship

Faith Fellowship ( FF ) is a subsidiary branch of the Myriad Amenity Program of the Legacy Project Initiatives of the HKCI HQ International .

Faith Fellowship offers visitors with interest in an online social community centre opportunity to join like minded individuals to gain membership in a growing social group that focuses on the Christian tradition of Marriage . 

Wedding Wednesday , a popular initiative , was launched many years ago to address this important social priority to those with that social interest in mind , in a friendly , compassionate , caring online social setting .

Yes , there are specific membership criteria . Candidates must meet certain qualifiying requirements , in particular , be a participating contestant in any Miss Beauty Pageant . However , simultaneous developments are being made in terms of the Miss ELysium Paradise World Beauty ( Miss  EPW Beauty ) , stay in tune .


Please be patient , as new additions to the membership are being made on a daily basis in the private Twitter X handle , FF .

Welcome to the Faith Fellowship community in advance .

Gamsahamnida .

((( polite Bow )))

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