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Those who have much interest in making a purchase of specific  items  (  Book product  etc ) here online at any of the Galleria Plaza tabs , are given the request to contact us , the seller , in order to make confirmation of the customer`s interest in purchasing an online item of interest .

General enquiries , or specific enquiries of an online product to purchase , can be made via email inquiry at the official email address below . 

Official email contact address ( Purchase Enquiries )       :

We would like to thank all potential customers of interest , in advance . Because the sample items are just that , a preview of the content of a specific product , the actual product availability may be subject to characteristics like  consumer demand , and the status of product completion , whether it is in the works , or ready to be put up for sale online . Most of the time , the products shall be made available on a page by page , individual page basis that is . Works of digital art , digital game , and digital books all obey that page by page or piece by piece , whole page type of product style format . A complete book may be possible at a much later time though , with the simple consolidation of all the individual pages , but that might require even more extensive time requirement . Hence , to accommodate the customer`s great avid readership interests , we try to remind them that patience is a virtue , and that most product availability is on a page by page basis to purchase . Customers who wish to buy a whole book product in its entirety are encouraged to visit back often , exact time availability is unknown , maybe 6 months , up to next year maybe would be best estimate , but that also depends on Book total length and content complexity of story plots etc .

Once again , we would like to express our sincerest thanks  and welcome to all avid readers worldwide . Patience is a virtue , many good things are in the works, they are coming soon ...

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